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Ex-Designer Project Bar is a design plan from Studio Martí Guixé based on a construction process of an interior made by 3D printing machines over the course of more than 5 years. The documentation of the evolution and development of this space and its implementation, incidents and the day to day events is documented and part of the piece. The project is ongoing.

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Trained as an interior and industrial designer in Barcelona and Milan. In 1994, living in Berlin, Guixé formulated a new way to understand the culture of products. In 1997 he started to exhibit his work, which focuses on the search for new product systems, the introduction of design in food ambits and presentation through performance. Inga Knölke aka imagekontainer has collaborated with Guixé and documented his work since the very beginning. With a photographic collection of pieces, products, interiors and performances, including back stage and process images, the archive is a map of Guixé's work and career development during the last 25 years.

Presented as a poly-social brand, Very Lustre (2004-2005) was a very ephemeral project and brand with products based on advanced and transversal diamond jewellery. Made by authors, and halfway between jewellery and design, their first collection was accompanied by a social project based on urban architecture with the intention of helping wealthy people. The brand was presented at the Tokyo Designers Week (2004) at Container Ground with an installation inside a 20-foot shipping container, and later in a second exhibition at Spazio Lima (2005) in Milan on a Top Manta display.

Founded in 1989, BBM (Beobachter der Bediener von Maschinen) is a group of artists that initially built low-tech machines from heavy scrap metal. These self-propelled devices acted among the audience in actions and performances. The purpose was to research the relationship between machines, technology and the public. Each performance was designed with a specific location in mind. Documentation of the performances from 1989 to 1992 and portraits of the machines.

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